Yomi: Complete First Edition

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The Basics
Yomi is a card game that simulates a fighting game. Each character has their own deck that's structured like a deck of playing cards. That way, it's easier for you to learn the contents of your deck. Numbered cards are normal moves, face cards are special moves, and aces are super moves.
It's Not "Just Random"
Though Yomi's combat resolution uses a form of rock, paper, scissors with attacks, blocks/dodge, and throws, there is a high skill-ceiling and a lot of ways to optimize your play. Once you know your character well enough, and the basics of your opponent's character, then the mind games really start about knowing that he knows that you know what they'll do next.
While Yomi is good for a quick session and portable enough to play on-the-go, it's also a serious competitive game with a community who strives to improve. Years of development and lots of tournament play means you can count on it holding up no matter how deep you get into it.
Lots of Characters
There are 10 characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities, creating 45 matchups (plus 10 more mirror matches). Find the character whose personality matches your playstyle. 
  • Fighting game flavor, with combos
  • Simple mechanics, only a few abilities to learn per character
  • Deep enough to play for years and years at a tournament level
  • Great artwork
  • Quality cardstock: bendable cards with reenforced core (similar to playing cards rather than cheap, stiff CCG cards) and coated to protect from fingerprint oils.
Did you notice?

Yomi means "reading" in Japanese, as in reading the mind of the opponent.

# of players

1 - 2 (or 1 - 4 with the new 2v2 rules)

Recommended For
  • Those looking for a skill-based strategy game with less luck than poker.
  • Fighting game enthusiasts.
Whats in the Box?
  • 10 character decks, each with their own tuckboxes
  • 8-page rulebook (but please see www.sirlin.net/yomi/rules for an expanded version)
  • Two large playmats, each with different art and integrated life counters
  • Two red and two blue acrylic beads for tracking your life total on the playmats